Love Story – Romeo & Juliet

kindness wisdom ❤️

In todays world how often do we hear of ‘ True Love ‘ oh yes on this ‘ Mothers Day ‘ people will read of mothers deeds and how they look after their children with all the ‘ Love In Their Heart ‘ but what of the Beginning two images of God brought together as ‘ Two Souls ‘ of pure ‘ Love ‘ destined to be together whatever may occur – well they are just like Romeo & Juliet

It happens once or twice in a lifetime – well l am an old romantic and believe to achieve perfect ‘ Harmony ‘ in any relationship it is only by ‘ Giving ‘ from both – Man & Woman and by giving of oneself absolutely with the ‘ First Thought In The Morning ‘ of that person and ‘ Last At Night Of That Person ‘ that the ‘ Love ‘ you have for each other is ‘ Bound Together By God ‘ now some people reading this will ‘ Understand ‘ totally what l write – whereas others will not ‘ Feel What l Write ‘ but l say unto you if ‘ William Shakespeare ‘ had not written ‘ Romeo & Juliet ‘ and thousands had not felt that love in his sonnet then what would love be but idle words on a sheet of paper and those words need to ‘ Rise from the Paper ‘ and be ‘ Felt By All That Have The Love Of God In Their Heart ‘ and know that ‘ Pure Love ‘ comes only from ‘ Giving As God Gave His Only Son Jesus (Iesu) to Save Us All ‘ and in so doing ‘ Sacrificed The Love Of God ‘ the only son to suffer for us all

So if we cannot ‘ Love ‘ in that same way and ‘ Give To That Other Person Brought With Love By God To Us ‘ then we are not fulfilling that word and in our own Heart – not giving of ourself as God Gave His Love to Us by that ‘ Sacrifice ‘ so l say unto you give the same to the one in your ‘ Heart ‘ everyday and then and only then will you know that ‘ God is Love ‘ and has brought this ‘ Special Person ‘ Your Rome Or Juliet ‘ into Your Life