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I just read a post where a neighbour complained about a yard on her street that was usually taken care of but had recently been let go.

There was a barrage of people demanding it be turned in to be cited by the city.

Can I ask my friends to consider something?…if you see this in your neighbourhood, knock on the door and see what’s going on.

Last year my mother-in-law’s yard, which is normally immaculately manicured, went weeks without being touched.

She was inside the home caring for her husband, who was dying from Cancer.

I remember watching as a few young men from her Church showed up with trailers and riding mowers and went to work getting it taken care of.

It took a village to help her last year, and I know she may not have remembered everyone that helped; I know she appreciated having every single second she could work with Chris.

Maybe your neighbour has something much more significant to care for than uncut grass…and perhaps they need some help.

Let’s don’t lose all ability to be neighbourly.


By Peace Truth

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