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Today the ‘ Soul is Calm ‘ l am at peace with the world and the people around Me like You who have God in their Heart & Life well that is how the story goes on this day ……

Oh would it not be great to wake on this ‘ Christmas Morn & War Is Over & Peace Will Reign Forevermore ‘ well l was not a person like that it was not until things were at their lowest ebb did l ever begin to flow in any direction – Oh l was a Carer all My Life from that tender age of 6yrs of age for My Patents as l tried to teach without the tools l needed & l was not part of what l call ‘ Life ‘ l was on the outside looking in and not until that day at ‘ Christmas ‘ did that all change in Me and l saw and felt things for the first time it was ‘ Love For My Father ‘ and l had lost him – Never for many years would Christmas be the same and it was so at that time ……..

Many Many years passed and l did not ‘ Grieve ‘ well My dad told Me it was a weakness and of course, we believe the wrong things at a young age and now at just 30yrs of age l was to have a Miraculous change and one day God entered into My Heart & Life and it was so and has been so ever since that day …..

Now time would be slow and l would feel the loss and learn about the world ‘ The Real World ‘ and it would affect Me so – l learned as God taught and found l was lacking and needed to feel loved – Not just say as my Parents said ‘ You Know l Love You ‘ and you could feel nothing but a ‘ Cold Chill In Me ‘ but this was being and feeling like l was loved and God in Me and Me in You made Me feel for the first time ‘ Warmth of Human Kindness ‘ it radiated out of Me like a ‘ Furnace ‘ and brought ‘ Calm & Love ‘ into My Heart making Me feel Happy and it was so for time and time again – How could this ever get better than that but with God in your Heart & Life it did daily ………..

Now on this day l can truly say l know one day it will be that 8th day the one spoken of in the ‘ Bible ‘ that one day God will bring Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth forever and evermore and l will just say on that day as l do every day ‘ Thanks Be To God ‘


By ace101

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