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All my life l believed there was someone perfect for each person it all began when l first read this word in my Bible – God Made A Mate For Adam – Now being Me it set many thoughts but being a ‘ Seeker of Knowledge ‘ l knew anything like that would take Learning & Teaching – Some years later My Teacher entered into My heart – Well l was told by Adam in a Church – God Wants Your Mind & Your Voice – But Forgot But First – He has to put Love into Your Heart well that is How My Story Went…

So that ‘ Perfect Mate ‘ that other part of Me that piece of the Jigsaw of My Life was still to come but God always would ‘ Move In Mysterious Ways ‘ his wonders to perform – So it was this time You see l read this by John Lennon ‘ If You Do Not Know What Love IS How Can You Know Love ” so God had to move ‘ Mysteriously ‘ and slowly as l had been ‘ Hurt & Damaged ‘ by people and needed repairing and only God The Creator knew How and Who would be My Mate …..So l waited many many years and leaned about ‘ Love In All Forms ‘ from Mother, Brother and people l Met but as with the Bible their was No Mate for Adam

Many Many Years went by and still l waited l traveled across parts of the world and returned but that ‘ Feeling ‘ eluded Me as l began Teaching l began ‘ Feeling ‘ not the same as l was now ‘ Helping People Like Me Who Were Poor In Heart ‘ that feeling grew and like a ‘ Miracle ‘ l felt something in Me and l knew God had put Love into My Heart and My Mate was close and l felt this feeling of giving growing stronger daily and that feeling of receiving beginning

You see God Knew My Heart and My Desire for Love – Well l πŸ™πŸ™ silently when l was just 14yrs of age for someone to ‘ Love Me For Who l Am ‘ and so ‘ God of Love ‘ came removed all blocks that bind the way to the ‘ Tree of Life ‘ and opened My Heart in Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth


By ace101

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