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This to Me is an amazing word so simple but means so much as it is defined as ‘ Created By God ‘ well today l say l Believe All Things Come From God – Now before many say l do not believe that l believe something else – l say that is what God wanted for people to have their own beliefs to be an individual to have the ‘ Right to Decide ‘ but the world has changed and now ‘ People Are Being Moulded Into Images To Fit That Round Hole ‘ – But God made everyone in his own image Male & Female in the Beginning and then on this Earth – But Now the so-called Leaders design a system to make Cap-It-All-Ism work for them not for the ‘ Children of God ‘ ….

So l say unto you this day and every day after ‘ Let Change Only Take Place In Your Heart ‘ and you will be as Immutable as God Created You To Be ……Nothing but God can then change You that path will never waiver but will be ‘ Narrow & Straight ‘ as You walk on Your journey that God planned for You

So as and as any change takes place in you that ‘ Immutability ‘ will grow and grow ‘ Like The Good Seed On The Land ‘ and it ‘ Will Be Fed & Watered By God & His Almighty Hand ‘ as God watered the land in those days of ‘ Creation ‘ before people populated his Earth

And as his images Male & Female were given ‘ Domain Over Birds of the Air & Fish of the Sea & Everything Living Thing That Creepeth Upon The Earth ‘ and it was ‘ Good ‘ as it was provided by Our Immutable Father in Heaven for Us to have a Home a place to roam and grow with All the ‘ Seed Bearing Fruit ‘ for Us to eat and grow strong and with domain we ‘ Share & Care ‘ about the animals and they are provided with all the ‘ Green Things To Eat’ as they come to the table of life to be fed and watered and creation was ‘ Good ‘ as it was built by God by Kindness & Love for Us In Peace & Truth

So l say this day and everyday after this day accept in Your Heart and with God all is possible on this Earth


By ace101

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