Glenn Wheatley RIP Australian Music 🎢

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Glenn Wheatley RIP

The legendary Australian music mogul Glenn Wheatley has sadly died with Covid complications. He mentored and managed successful artists such as John Farnham and The Little River Band. He became a successful entrepreneur in the radio, TV, and music business.
My association with Glenn was during the New Seekers days when Glenn, for a time, was our road manager. When the group disbanded Glenn and his first wife Alison came and stayed with Carol & me in our house while planning their trip back to Australia with β€˜The Little River Band’.

We remained good friends and I was shocked to hear of his departure as I had received an email a day after his birthday saying he was ill, had been in hospital with Covid for two weeks but that he would call me. – sadly I won’t be getting his call.
Another friend joins the passing parade…as we carry on.

By Peace Truth

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