Keeping Balance~

“PLEASE KEEP YOUR BALANCE!” a poem (in the series: “Don’t Hurt Yourself, Love!”)

Remember to keep your balance, for balance is A KEY,

To love & joy & successful-living – and (especially) harmony!

For, when-Frank-Castle’s-burning-your-skin-with-a-red-hot-poker-rod,

It goes – from a really, really hot – to an icy-cold, frozen bod!!

DUALISM, BABY! Just-remember Suzi Jane –

Who discovered ORGASMS, but was ignorant of the pain,

Which cums, if you’re-a-girl-pleasing-self-down-under-to-The-Max,

Labor pains be-likely coming, and them might be the facts,

OR – after you get “runners’ high,” or high of any sort,

You better keep the levels up, or you might get to court,

Saddened states and tragedies – like you may-have-never known,

‘Cause what goes up (’round-here) goes down-


So, here we’re back to BALANCE and too much joy or rush,

It’s keeping things-a-bit moderate,: getting crazy in “a hush!”

Just-a-bit-o’-HUSH, held right in – to let the waters flow,

Over you, your mind and bod! You know, we all da “ho,”

Wanting-yearning-desiring-burning-with-sweet-passion, Mate,

Remember to-breathe & move & shake, when-you-have-your-Date-Night-late,

And-remember-our-talk-’bout-eczema – and scratching way too much,

Sure-rub & itch & soothe it out, with simple, gentle touch,

For, as I’ve noted in other poems, if-you-scratch-it-with-abandon,

It’ll-be-healing – and-the-oozing’s-revealing –

But-you’ll-regret you-did-all-that “sandun’!”

Just REMEMBER* My-Love – BALANCE! not too cold or hot:

Like – IF you shower in warm water – your skin won’t scald and rot –

MODERATION! with-OCCASIONAL – fits of passion! YES!

LIKE: Smooch your baby 10,000 times, but a million? might-be a mess!

fin. <3

  • – but ONLY if you will!