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“FOR LOST FRIENDS!” a poem, a.k.a.: “Julian Assange Is/Was Right! IF YOU Are Going To Kill A Bunch of Folks, Shouldn’t We First Need To Have A Little Group Discussion, Especially If You Are Doing It In My Name?” a.k.a.: “STOP KILLING KENNY!”* a.k.a.: “Those Bastards Are Trying To Kill Kenny!” July 19, 2019 (Friday)

I simply DO-NOT RECALL, anyone asking ME,
If it’s OK “to knick” Dear “Nick,” [who lives] across The Sea!
IF-you-are-thinking-of-doing-this, ESPECIALLY IN “MY NAME,”
By golly, M – F ers,** BEFORE-YOU-DECIDE-TO-MAIM,
Or kill or make quite homeless, Potential Friends of mine,
You better, gosh-a-darn-it – drop-a-me-“a-line,”
And-OPEN, open-ly announce your gosh darn plan,
Or-else, you-turds-&-military-dudes, you’ve-something-coming-from-this-man:
IT’S-THAT Y O U’re-N O T-“AN-ISLAND,” for I am-sitting here,
WATCHING, as you torture-and-kill – ANTS?-that-I-might-hold-dear!
So, BEFORE you drop the poison – or-plug-up-their-home[s]-with-“ROCKS,”
Dropping from The Bloody Sky, just-know: turning-back-The-Clocks,
May-be, of course POSSIBLE! “in=The 4th or 5th Dimension,”
But – LET-ME-JUST-a-“LAY-IT-ON-THE-LINE” it’s TIME we-need-to-mention:

That: I, for one, THINK-[that]-GOVERNMENTS, who-think-they-can-PROSECUTE,
Anyone! THAT THEY DON’T LIKE – are-not-friggin’-acting-cute!
So, FOR THE RECORD – and-This-“up-your-nose,”
IT’S TIME TO-RELEASE-ASSANGE, because (in-charge) you should suppose, YOU M. F. er s WILL BE ANSWERING TO-ME! {IT’S-N O-THREAT, Jerks-&-Pompous-Arses, but-you-better-open-your-eyes-&-see, ‘Cause – IF-you-keep-this-up – AND YOU-HAVE! for-what-seems-like-FOREVER, I’M NOT! [gonna] torture-kill-or-starve-you but, I’ll-ruffle-EVERY-FEATHER, That-you-all-have upon-your-leprous-skin! I’ll ruffle – EVERY WHERE, And I’ll-banish your-arses – to-some-place NOT SO-“FAIR,” So-THINK-ABOUT-IT,* Mr. Illuminati, Mr. Dictator & Mr. Political Know-It-All,
But! I think I smell some “fresh air!” ARE YOU READY TO TAKE A FALL?!

fin <3

  • – and KENNY, by any other name, is just as sweet!
    ** – to include EVERY STINKING PERSON IN POWER, who THINKS they have some right to just decide the fate of whomever! Yes, Mr. Trump, look in the mirror!
    *** – SOMETIMES, so-called idiots and malcontents (Where’s a Benevolent Dictator when we need one?) are put in charge, right under the nose of The Ruling Party(ies)!
    **** – I KNOW you probably won’t, BUT – I don’t care! YOU’VE BEEN WARNED!

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