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“THE STORY OF JACK!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Truth of The Scarlet Jack Shall Prevail!” from: “The Chronicles of Mimia!” by J. S. Woo-us [because he’s ALWAYS trying SO hard to love us all! Sigh!] “There Was A Boy Named Euclid Samuel Scrubmuffin And He Definitely Deserved It!” The first line from: “The Voyage of The Darned Better!”

JACK is with me and assures us all,

That there’s-a “false”-JACK, and he’ll come to call,

Masquerading as one who is authentic;

The False One issues – from-The North At-lantic!

Jack knows-I-love-him, so he’s NEVER sad,

For-he-knows-my-interest in-his-best-interest is-never-“bad,”

But is noble – and tested – and steadfast – and true,

For our life here and now – is-with-Mrs.-Cuddly-Poo!*

BUT – There ARE some forces! like: The-Other-Jack,

Which wish to persuade us – to SIMPL-y turn-back,

To child-ISH, faithless, Worldly ways,

Yet, we are stalwart – and have seen many days!

There’re-days of-deception! corruption! anguish-and-pain,

But TOGETHER WE’LL PREVAIL! for I’ve lost my brain,

For my brains have gone “elsewhere,” so JACK-will-guide-us-through,

This “LABYRINTH OF ILLUSION!” Our “Jack-of-Hearts” is true!

fin <3

We must never give up! and never give in! – – – And sometimes we gotta – take-it-on-the-chin!! – – – And remind C. S. Lewis – there never has been sin! – – – and THE ONLY CHRIST – is-the-one-that-lies-within! – – – And – dependency-on-a-Book-or-Faith is-definitely-A-NO-WIN! – – – Wait! Just-a-moment! I-hear the-drop-of-a-pin:


Belief in religion – is merely a ruse,

And the moral standards of This World are corrupt because:

St. Paul is REALLY – The Wizard of OZ!

“There is NO MAGIC! We-have-only mir-a-cles!

And-don’t-believe-your-eyes-either! All-such silly-empiricals!”

  • – a reference to a series of Mystic Poet poetry entitled: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo,” the tales and exploits of a happily married couple, devoted and in love!

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