IT’S TRUE!” a poem, a.k.a.: “God’s Declaration of True Love!” a poem April 18th [Maundy Thursday] 2019, The Suffering of Jesus in The Garden of Gethsemane Will Follow A ‘Last’ Supper!* nearly 8:00 P.M., Thursday, C. S. T., Alpine, Texas, U. S. A.

I AM – I-was in-love-with-you,
When-you-were-“Sweet-16,” it’s-true!
But, now you’ve changed! Your soul is marred,
And blood drips from you – oh, so hard!

Your bones are brittle, tense, im-pact[ed],
But love for you, I’ve never lacked!
You’ve changed! Your nostrils, in-full-blown-flare,
And you’ve-lost-the-luster in-your-hair!

Although-marred-and-damaged, I-do-not-care,
Tonight, you-look-wonderful, and I will dare,
To-declare: “I-[still]-love-you, all-alone,
With lecherous-look! and-treacherous moan!

Yes, you’re-a-dangerous, head-strong, defiant sort,
Who is liable to curse me – and-to-sell-me-short!
Yet, with-quivering-lips – and blood in your eyes,
Even-now, my-son, I sym-pa-thize!

So, may-your-ordeal-be-quick, for-it pains-me-to-see,
My son, begotten, in-this a-go-ny!
Although-you-might-feel [that] I’ve-forsaken-you,
I have a plan, which I must do!

“My thoughts [to you] aren’t com-pre-hen-sible,
And-to-hurt-your-feelings is-re-pre-hen-sible!
It’s-so-sad, but true; I’ve-always got a plan!
And-sometimes-it-hurts, although-I-bless-each-(wo)man!”

fin <3

    By ace101

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