It came for love 💕

It Came From Love

When I think of love it always begins with you, every day I am blessed to be with all you are, never let it slip away from our grasp, it should be this way forever

No one else can charm me the way that you do, your subtle angelic features, quaint lyrical laugh, your coy playful smile, I do melt when looking into those eyes, steel blue and limpid, so intoxicating

Your touch tells me of your devotion, the way you kiss me ignites my inner passion, the warmth just the feel of your body next to mine, all this is almost too much, should it end be gentle with me

Every day is a new adventure for us, never letting the mundane take us down, creating a moment of excitement is never dull, I cherish all you are and be to me endlessly

Sometimes late at night as I watch you sleep, I am amazed at your beauty, soft and supple your alabaster skin is, for this I count my merits, how was it you came to me that day

Happily we can pursue this lofty set of goals, how do we remain in love the rest of our lives, when the day is done you next to me, making love until mornings light, I do love you more for this

By ace101

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