Is there life after death ~ listen for yourself

Life after death 🌟

This is my story told to me by an Associate some years ago

David was a Doctor, very successful, not a man-made religious type at all. One day just out of the blue he sat in my office, across a desk, looking for answers from a confident

David was a compassionate soul still he didn’t have time for fools who took up his time with the mundane life’s going on, until suddenly he saw things that weren’t in any scientific journals.

No smiles, so I laid back in my chair, turned off all devices locked the doors.

This coming from David indeed was going to be not the guy I ever expected to have experienced or whatever brought his own personal story to me.

David was tense, hands were clenching, brow had perspiration running down his hairless head.

Watching the body language one knew that he trusted me enough to talk this happening though. Seconds passed nothing was coming from his mouth. Patiently all came tumbling out like a roaring river crashing into advent, after the advent of patient’s passing over into dimensions he had observed in final hours of life.

Experience with death as David was a Palliative Care Specialist he had seen death head-on from children to the elder walking away from decaying bodies no longer necessary.

Listening, allowing David to live out this miracle that folk really never experience in a lifetime yet here was this remarkable Doctor commitment to life and then these souls left their mangled bodies behind. Yes, Palliative Specialist sees and feel the horror and pain to hard to bare.

Aftermath of life

David became a Patient too. He was reaching out for answers from somebody else who perhaps may guide his relationship with man-made religion ideals ~ scientific learnings ~ self-belief of Professional Standards.

You thought your life story was abhorrent, thought for Palliative Care Specialist. Every person regardless of gender or education still have questions about death.

David experience with daily basis of death dominated his world, he too stopped questioning himself and accepted what he saw when a soul walked away ~

Peace ✌️

By ace101

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