In A Perfect World 🌎

Every minute, everyday, our life is a privilege. Cherish it, be thankful to God and give it importance.

0n New Earth, there is no money. Your only currency is your vibration. We create and manifest everything we need from the authenticity of our heart. There is no more fighting and struggling to survive, slavery to anything; all power over structures are dissolved. In the new Earth, you manifest by visualising, playing, creating….because these keep your channel clear and your vibration high. When You fulfil needs for others….the more you give selflessly to another, the more connected, heart coherence and joy you feel, which raises your vibration, which allows for instant synchronicity and manifestation. As we each build our vibration, since our energy is magnetic, it causes the collective vibration to increase. Soon, the wave is so high; we can maintain heart coherence and resonance with each other, Gaia, and All of her creatures. In this higher vibration, there is no suffering….we realise we are all one, and the intense compassion we feel does not allow us to ignore the pain of another. There is no deceit or lying.. since we are in complete resonance with one another, there is no point in fraud. There is no crime because everyone has what they need. Everyone is accepted, loved, abundant, prosperous, and joyful. In the New Earth, we live in cooperation, coherence, balance, sacred joy and wonder. And we learn how to dream and visualise the highest outcomes for each other collectively. Do you think this is a fantasy? Every beautiful city ever created was first a fantasy. Can you use the power of the Beautiful creator God inside of you to visualise this? Are you courageous and audacious enough to join us in the higher collective timeline to bring this vision into clear focus now? Because there are hundreds of thousands already carrying it. And there is room for more! Your vibration is your only currency. Your frequency is your liberty. Whatever you are emanating is exactly what you are establishing.

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There is always fantasy in these senses in every phase of life
it is part of hope itself, like patience like other fractures, change to success. but steadfastness to our projects are definitely different. Have a nice Weekend.

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