I’m basking in your ” NEESSes” 🎆

“YOU GOT THE NESS!” a poem Aug. 1, 2019 [Saturday]

“You got The Ness, I am a mess, but let’s confess: OFTEN, MORE is LESS!”

“You wanna love me?” “Yes, I do,

But, for the first night or so, when I sleep with you,

Lemme-just-lemme-just in-hale YOUR NESS!”

“What does THAT mean? I can only guess!”

YOU ARE ADORABLE! So, adorableNESS is on top!

And your prettiNESS and cuteNESS, well, they’ll never stop,

And I just need to be – lying by your side,

With my nose inside of you, for I just wanna hide,

In your: lovliNESS–and-attractiveNESS – and s-x-ee, bouncy ways;

I just wanna absorb you NESS! Gimme a couple days!

Then, when I can’t stand it, and the attraction is too strong,

I’ll caress you ever tenderly, artfully and long,

For I long to touch you and tell you: “You’re right for me!”

I’ll be basking in your NESSes, and I’m sure I will not see,

For I’m “blinded” by the NESSes, altogether in a daze:

ScrumptiousNESS-and-yummiNESS are-always-a-winning-craze!

So, for now, just relax! Your NESSes’ll do the trick!


For I need ho – n-y, dark and deep,

Of course, Romance-is-fine, and for now I seek:

NOT this romantic, NESS-y stuff,

I just need s – x, fast and rough!

And SO IT WENT, that first night out,

With Mr. Romantic – and Miss Scream and Shout!

Things really did – finally balance out well!

He got some NESS! and She gave him H – L L!

fin ♥

By ace101

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