I”LIFE IN HEAVEN IS QUITE AMAZING!” a poem August 29, 2019 (Thursday)

“LIFE IN HEAVEN IS QUITE AMAZING!” a poem August 29, 2019 (Thursday)

Shhhhh! Yup! I know you’ve-all-been-suspicious-about-it, but-we have now con-firmed,

That THIS IS HEAVEN! We’re HERE!! That’s what we’ve learned!

But, don’t tell anyone FOR GOODNESS’ SAKES;

(since) It would drastically reduce Church Attendance – and no-future-hoping makes,

For-some pretty mean hombres, walking around with guns and knives,

‘Cause, if they find this is Heaven, they-might-think-they-got-it-made, &-in-their-eyes,

IF THEY’RE ALREADY “HERE,” some people will do whatever they want,

Like they’ll go around “keying cars,” bashing bars & won’t hit; they’ll only bunt!

They’ll just think they can do what they please, ’cause this is Heaven, right?

However, they should STILL know – that’s it NOT OK to hurt an’ fight!

Actually, (shhhhh!) You can-get kicked-out if you’re not nice!

OF COURSE, after-a-time, you can come back! (shhhhh!) Let’s-be-quiet like mice,

And not let the word get out, for there are some other things too,

Like: no peeing in public – and no “spiking” grama’s punch – or savory, beef stew!

Anyway, it’s CONFIRMED! and here’s a little evidence,

I’ve been gathering! in “The Era of Trump & Pence:”

For instance, I married me an angel, and in Heaven (believe it or not) it’s OK to do,

Lots of “coochie coochie” and “rubbie bummy” and “tickle-y -nickle-y-woo” too!

Heaven! It’s like a big, ol’ orgy (shhhhh!) for Me and You,

But you still have to be respectful! Yet, things have kinda become like “brand new!”

You might wonder how I found this out, but it was really pretty easy!

I think I first noticed it – when I looked into YOUR eyes, which were so soft and breezy!

Plus, your body’s smell was yummy, like peach nectar in The Spring!

And I know that I heard angelic choirs start to sing!

Anyway, that is my story; that is my song,

Telling everyone on Facebook and Tumblr, all the-day long,

That (shhhhh!) We’re in Heaven! I think it’s so nice,

& now phone-and-device-sales-will-go-down, with an upsurge – in sugar-‘n’-spice!

And NOW – we know who God is! That’s right! TRUMP!

So, Bill Maher (net worth: $100 million) goes to Hell, thinking Don’s a chump!

But now we know HE (Trump, that is!) is REALLY cool,

And we’ll forever re-elect him, and we can be as smart as he is and never attend school!

fin ♥

By ace101

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