I Married a TERROR

“I MARRIED TERROR.” a poem Dec. 17, 2019 (almost

The Night Before Christmas: Tuesday)

I could have married HOPE or JOY, but no I married TERROR.

My friends say: “She is killing you; you must have made an error,

by falling so in love with one who’s terrifying ways,

Cause men to scream and women to faint. She’s THE TERROR of all days;

She’ll get you so darned terrified that YOU’LL BE SCARED TO DEATH;

She’s poison. cocaine LSD 100 times worse than METH.

She’ll TWIST your troubled soul like a pretzel and wait for it to SNAP.

She’ll lay your trouble head down and smash it in her lap.

You are A GONER, buddy; Good Lord, what have you done?”


“Actually, now, comeOn, fellows. TERROR’s kind of fun;

Yet, what would REALLY scare me is IF SHE DIDN’T FILL,


If she DIDN’T, I’d feel ill.

I know I married TERROR; she’s my confidante and joy;

Whenever I see THAT LOOK OF TERROR, the one in her blue eye,

I KNOW I married The Right One;

She kills everything in sight.

But ME? I know that’s just my wife, Terrifying and Bright.

GOD is even terrified to get to close to us;

SO, SEE? ImarriedME ‘the perfect gal,’ so you need not moan & fuss.”

fin โ™ฅ


By ace101

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