I got it really BAD~I’m sexy silly

“SECRET CODE!” a poem for those “TERRIBLY” in love, like: “I Got IT, Really Bad!” August 19, 2019 (Monday) Descriptions of: [an] amorous technique[s] that would surely be blocked by social medias, IF they COULD decipher the hidden meaning(s), which can ONLY be deciphered by those who are (you guessed it!) TERRIBLY in Love!

Here goes!

Ticky wicky with da pinkie,

An’ da kissy – in-da stinkie,

Will massage da postur-ass-tie,

To exude-[some]-da fluid nah-sty!?

So, very-gently – to and fro,

In da pook-sky – wid yo’ bro!

Boy, must kinda let ya know,

How da poopy-it-can-go!

Use da gel or spittum to,

Do-da-deed-a-wid oily goo,

An’ wash id-good around-da-bum;

Yeah, after-ward ye-still-migh’-cum!

Very nice! Be tender, girl,

Shazzin’-off not-ev’y pearl,

So, no friction-he-must en-dooer;

Make ya baby kinda purr!

Well, dat’s eet! Well, was-‘t nice?

An’ don’ fo-get – a little spice,

Like jasmie, myhrr or rose-a-petal,

Is good!-owen: DON’-USE-GLASS! [K?]


fin <3

By ace101

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