I am NOT suggesting that anyone follow the teaching of Eckhart Tolle; ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค

“NON SUFFERING!” a poem 04/12/2019 (F) Please let me say here, I am NOT suggesting that anyone follow the teaching of Eckhart Tolle; HOWEVER, if you want to, THAT IS GREAT! More power to you! I just thought this quote was nice! ๐Ÿ™‚ – OK?

I approached The Buddhist Master, a-sitting on his Throne;
I noticed that The Rinpoche – was very much alone!

After several hours, he “stirred,” and eyes did open!
“How-do-you-know-you’ve-MADE-IT?” A devil’s* always hopin’,”
To break the “separate screen,” and let the demons “fly!”
“Because-I-no-longer-suffer!!” was his curt reply.

I left that day – a-fairly ske-ptical-observer;
“Go into The World,” I thought; “and experience the fervor,
Of life’s abrasive testing, for-a-HOLY-MAN-on-a-hill,
Loves his Hinayana, but is still (to me) a PILL!”

If-you do not SUFFER, then you’ve [maybe] lost connection to,
All whom you are ONE with; TESTING MAKES THINGS TRUE,
So-you-can get-yourself used-to – The Terror of This Place,
But IF you like The Monroe Doctrine,** please-find “your-shielded-place,”
And give up all experiences, that Life will offer you!
WHAT ABOUT A COLD WATER*** “JUMP? in-to-“Con-ditional-Blue!”

[et al:]
Yes, stop-eating “red” meat; you’ll feel so much calmer,
And stop ever getting angry, so-you’ll-not-be-like Jeffrey Dahmer!****
Put on a nice happy face, meditating twice a day,
But if Jesus comes, He MIGHT suggest: “There’s-value in-a good-fray!”
fin <3

* – (devil’s) advocate
** – some countries like to declare of state of isolation, so they can “grow,” apart from the influences of outside political influence!
*** – or IN THE FIRE! To The Divine, it’s possibly all the same!
**** – a famous criminal

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