Some one has said that no one ever went to the poorhouse who did not attract the poorhouse by his poorhouse mental attitude.

Observation and long study of the question have convinced me that, as a rule, people who make miserable failures of their lives are expected to do so.

They had such a horror of the poorhouse, they lived in such terror of coming to want, that they shut off the very source of their supply.

They had so warped their minds that they could see nothing ahead but poverty.

They wasted the precious energy which might have been utilized in happiness and prosperity building, in expecting, dreading, and preparing for the dire things that might come upon them, and, according to the law, they got what they dreaded and feared.

As long as you hold the poorhouse though you are heading toward the poorhouse. A pinched, stingy thought means a pinched, stingy reply.

Now, I have no quarrel with people who save for a rainy day.

It is the part of prudence to be prepared for all emergencies.

It is a splendid thing to save for spending, for enjoyment in our later years, but people who begin early to provide for the “rainy day,” and who deny themselves every little pleasure and enjoyment for the sake of adding to this provision, fall into the habit of pinching themselves, and usually continue to do so through life.

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