HIV positive Robert Sirl, who raped a 15 year old girl and also raped a woman with an object, so violently she needed a transfusion, could be set free in under 8 years !

HIV positive Robert Sirl, who raped a 15 year old girl and also raped a woman with an object, so violently she needed a transfusion, could be set free in under 8 years !

This absolutely remorseless predator would trade sex for ice with a 15 year old girl who was in the foster system.

The actual charge may be “maintaining a sexual relationship with a minor”… but as far as we are concerned, that is rape. Anyone abusing an underage child with drugs and then having sex with them is not maintaining a relationship, they are raping a child.
An underage child is legally unable to consent to sex, which makes it rape.

Why this didn’t attract a charge of attempted murder is beyond me, as the police have stated in a previous appearance before the courts he is HIVPositive and the young girl stated he never wore a condom.

Robert Glen Sirl was found guilty of multiple offences after two separate ACT Supreme Court trials earlier this year. The second charge came after police officers investigating the violent rape that almost resulted in the death of his victim, discovered Sirl with a 15-year-old girl, to whom he had given drugs in exchange for sex.

The court heard, in the case of the rape conviction, that Sirl had lured the woman to his home to sell her cannabis. He had given her ice-laced coffee, before claiming he was missing a large amount of cash and telling her she would have to help him find it.

In court it was heard the search had ended in the bedroom where the woman was pushed onto the bed and raped, including with a sharp object. The woman fled, and later required life saving emergency surgery to stop the blood loss.

At trial, Sirl maintained the sex was consensual and the pair had used sex toys.

Of course he did, he tried to blame the victim.

He was sentenced to 11 years’ jail, with a non-parole period of seven years and eight months. His earliest release will be June 2026. This is a PATHETIC sentence. Why was he not charged with attempted murder on both victims ?

He bled one of his victims almost to death and his blatant disregard for his underage victim’s life could see her having to live with HIV. Just under 8 years is a sick joke.

The woman who was raped by Sirl with the sharp object, possibly a knife, told the hearing of the devastating toll the attack has taken on her, detailing how she now suffered from anxiety and depression. She said she had become agoraphobic and suffered nightmares. She told Sirl she hated him and would never forgive him, but would take some peace of mind from knowing he could no longer hurt anyone while he was behind bars.

In sentencing Sirl for the offences, both Justice John Burns and Justice David Mossip found he had shown no remorse.

Justice Burns said the motive for the rape may be sexual fetish, and that Sirl had enjoyed exercising power and control over the victim.

“She probably would have died if she had not sought treatment,” the judge said.

“It is difficult to be optimistic about your prospects of rehabilitation.”

Justice Mossop described the sexual relationship with the child as “the gross exploitation of a vulnerable child by a much older man.” Sirl maintained he thought the 15-year-old victim was 18, once again trying to blame the victim.

The fact is this girl was in the foster system and she was 15. She was entirely vulnerable.

Sirl is remorseless, he is HIV positive and he is a sick rapist who has used sharp objects to cut his victims so badly they need life saving surgery. He also gives young vulnerable children ice just so he can live out his sick fantasies. Absolute lowest of the low !

He should never be released.

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