Hello, Guys finally released from Facebook Jail. Remember when I wrote ” First time ever not to be Blocked by the Giant Ant 🐜 Facebook in the month of June ” 🆘

Six hours later sent back to the Facebook Dessert for posting a Marble Art post centuries old. My Dear friend had posted it the week before, shared on by me and wack 🤪 gone again. ( by the way he wasn’t blocked🙃)

Thanks, guys for your comforting funny faxes, your the best group on Facebook.

Gee, it was very boring without you.

I love your Poker guys. A word of warning ⚠️ here mates, you will never beat the KeyBoard Warrior 🤪

Not everyone has a Poker I know. Facebook removed mine several years ago cause I over Poked 😂 but I do you receive yours so you are aware I do occasionally receive from Facebook yours.

July 7/7/2019 pray for me to stay out of Facebook until 30/7/2019.

For future enquiries, where I am please email me on mmblue48@icloud.com
Or https://peace-truth.com


Facebook ongoing saga chapter 3000765 Visits to Facebook Jail. ©️

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