Haze till you drop you bastards ~ gotcha 🤪

“KIDNAPPED!!” a poem July 5, 2019 (Friday)

We’re-ALL-a-bunch of kidnappers, exploiting [one another] left and right;

We kidnap friends-‘n’-neighbors! and family-members-“out-of-sight!”

It may be for a few minutes, but-often for hours – OR DAYS!

We’re just KID-NAPPERS! (pause) and-we-also-like to-“haze!”*

To: torment and torture “our prisoners” ’til they cry;

Then, we release them – with a cunning eye!

We wait! for the next opportunity to kidnap them, for their money or a ride,

Or we like to get them into solitary confinement, where we have tied,

Them down, for-the-purpose-o’ “talking off their ears,”

While filling them [mercilessly!] with worry and fears!

We’ll let-“the-kidnapped”-go (later), telling others, “Oh, yes! We’re ‘dears,’

Who LOVE-to-be-together,” as you offer [him/her] tissue-for-tears!

This is how we do it, as we put two fingers together,

Signifying that : “We’re-‘mutual [kidnappers]’ connected-by-an-insidious-tether,”

Of torment, suffering, joy-and-pain,

To-make-us-happy? operating!? as-ONE “Insane,”

“Couple!” or “Duet” or-A-SET –





fin <3

  • – A term I learned at West Point, New York, meaning: harass!

By ace101

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