Happy holiday to you dear women!!! CPt. Jack Sparrow Back from the Caribbean ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

Different women walk in the world.
Literally two words on this one.
First of all, there are women – fish and birds.
There are bunnies and pupsiki. Pyški and matches.
Dragons and snakes. And thousands of cats.
There is a woman still. There is a woman at ease.
There is a woman -” Nina ” and a woman -” Vova “.
There is a woman of plasma. Woman ice.
The woman of the forest. The woman of the poison.
There are women girls and women sheep.
Any women where are you? And the women are about us!
Here is the woman of the Finland. Here is the Polish woman.
This is a woman! And a woman-how much?
Two worlds, two fields: Woman woman
And Girl-remember-I-carry-your-bag?
The beckoning girl of the brigantina
And the woman-where are you-fumbled?
There is a woman story. There is a female line.
And just the end of everything is a woman period.

Happy holiday to you dear women!!!