Greetings from the Lord CPT. JACK SPARROW ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️

Greetings from the Lord…

All of a suddenly virus is a flood practice.
The Lord is tired of forgive the sins of his children.
And he closed the road and trails,
So that we can figure out ourselves.

And if it doesn’t help, then, if it doesn’t help,
The wave wash evil, hate people.
It is not for a reason to come into life.
And you just need to look into yourself soon…

The Lord is tired of the wars of the civil war, and of debate,
And from the thought out and thinking.
He wanted to throw the curtains on the outside world,
For everyone to look for love in themselves…

Love for family, worried about mom,
And about the father, the children, about his family…
It is not easy to find the answer in world drama,
When the soul is the old worms…

Like zombie people… Everyone lived in their smartphone,
Without notice that spring is singing already…
Some people dance, smiling, on the balcony,
Other stones will throw at those who come to them…

God must be tired of hope and believing.
And the radical steps immediately started,
So that we can stop measure life with money.
After all, we are already sick of those mayor…

Greetings from the Lord did not immediately see.
The medicine is the compassion of the hearts.
On the nose and mouth quickly put on their nose and mouth,
But the Father was laughing over that protection…

The priceless life is the essence of heaven.
And if we can’t realize the blame,
That means we deserve this powerful strength,
That we are ready to punish us correctly!