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😔 Digestion is a matter of vibration. Indigestion is on the increase because people are more and more sedentary in their habits. Walking is life’s finest exercise, but people walk less now than ever. The human body’s great vibrator is the diaphragm. Arouse it and you will arouse action in your digestive tract, your liver, and kidneys. Continue vibration from one minute to as long as you please. If these vibrations are continued a few minutes each day, no cancer or tumor would ever develop, and the thousand different stomach ills would disappear. The DIAPHRAGM is a great muscle area stretched out for the stomach, intestines, and vital organs to exercise on and to give them freedom.

TREMORS FOR INTESTINES: Begin slowly, take a deep breath, then vibrate your abdomen in and out by using the inner muscles of the diaphragm. Vibrate slowly then more rapidly. Force the vibrations downward upon the intestines. You may feel a little pain at first, which shows the weakness of the intestinal muscles, that passes away. The DIAPHRAGM is the great digestive engine of the body, work it all you can.

VIBRATIONS FOR STOMACH and SOLAR PLEXUS: Raise the vibrations upward, just as before you forced them downward. Repeat the series with full breath several times. Also give the vibrations with a little twist of the body, to get the circular movement over the stomach. VIBRATE THE SOLAR PLEXUS with short, sharp vibrations far up into the chest, this will cover the muscles of the lungs and the heart. This is very essential work as it gives new strength to those muscles of the heart and lungs to ward off acute attacks of any kind.

OSCILLATION FOR TORPID LIVER: Direct the vibrations to the right side. Do them strongly to arouse the liver thoroughly. This is a very important exercise as it bears directly on RHEUMATISM, it releases the acids, starts secretions flowing. Rheumatism calls for dry climates, a non-acid diet. Avoid sweets and starch, take saltwater baths, drink lithia water. Walk all you can. Change your work. BE SURE TO DRINK A CUP OF HOT WATER EACH MORNING on rising. Put a little salt in to help cleanse the stomach of septic acids. Drink two cups, all the better.

CONSTIPATION: The best vibration and advice is above for this trouble. Be regular about going to the toilet each morning. Eat vegetable diet, rye bread, or graham. Eat little meat, chew your food to liquid mastication. Keep up the intestinal vibrations, in 20 days your constipation will be a trouble of the past.

HEADACHES AND BILIOUSNESS: These are the results of AUTO-INTOXICATION, the worry, hurry, eating fast, eating too much, overexerting, anxiety, all of this poison the process of digestion and assimilation. Take a dose of Epsom salts, castor oil, or cascara sagrada, then regulate your diet. REST IN BED FOR A DAY. This done at once will save many a siege of sickness.

OBESITY: Keep up the internal vibrations all over the body. Keep up the exercises of Lesson Seventh. REDUCING IS A MORAL RESOLVE TO EAT LESS. If you are a coward you cannot reduce, if your appetite, that is unreal, unnatural, and dangerous, makes you its slave so that you eat 5,000 units of food when 3,000 is a great sufficiency, then you lack MORAL WILL FORCE TO REDUCE. Drink the hot water as above, or put into it a little lemon juice. When you feel hunger come on drink a cup of the lemon hot water, just a few drops of the lemon juice. Get so you can go without your noon lunch except a one-half slice of bread a cup of hot water one-quarter milk. KEEP UP WALKING. KEEP UP THE BODYBUILDING EXERCISES. RUB AND MASSAGE THE FACE AND NECK. Do not eat fat, pastry, confection, or starchy foods. Eat slowly, Fletcherize each mouthful, it will reduce you, give you a new taste of flavors not known to the glutton. Abhor being fat, unshapely, and be unhappy over it, but never tell others how you feel. Keep your deficiencies to yourself, master them, be free of them, then living will become a joy, your body a daily delight, and you shall possess a Supreme Personality.

HAVE A NEW BODY: There is no condition physical or mental that cannot be changed, even deformities, and deficiencies can be improved. SET YOUR MIND ON WHAT YOU WANT TO BE, THEN WORK FOR IT. Set a mark at what you wish to weigh and then bravely, happily, with joyous courage seek to attain it. YOU WILL. COMMAND YOUR BODY. KEEP MOVING TOWARD YOUR IDEAL.

Health is a result of Harmony. By the force of the WILL acting in obedience to the mind, is the body made perfect.

You are no fool if you know how to sin charmingly.

The most fertile source of family trouble on earth is inheritance.


You are no fool if you know how to sin charmingly.

💥 life path of many people is like York Street in New Haven, it begins with a hospital, is populated with doctors, and ends at the cemetery.

If you cannot realize your ideal, idealize your real.

Sleep is one of Nature’s sanctuaries; an alarm-clock has no more right to disturb it than a foghorn has to blow off in a prayer meeting.

Heart failure is largely acute indigestion from selfishness. Sunstroke is quite likely brought on by anger and anxiety “het-up” by relatives. Apoplexy is hate breaking up housekeeping. Paresis is free-love embellished with champagne. Appendicitis is a six-cylinder appetite hitched to a half-horsepower ambition. Nervous prostration is a self-love “Movie” trying to cover the earth in a single reel. Pneumonia is vanity over-heated in sealskin.

By Peace Truth

Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 🫂