‘ God Is Love & God Is The Word’

Amen 😔

And the WORD is LOVE …..this is today’s way of saying that GOD provides LOVE from the ❤️ and does it by the ‘ HOLY WORD’ but some people FEEL it while others do not and that’s because GOD cannot get in …WHY you may ask because he knows YOUR ❤️ and the desire is only ONE…

It is NOT with the MOUTH that you 🙏 but with your ❤️ and only GOD knows WHAT you truly SEEK ….YOU cannot have OR should l say WANT both to ‘Care and Feel’ in YOUR ❤️ for other people AND the LOVE of money …..AS ONE cannot be the same ….

Money comes from Want not NEED ….the need of LOVE❤️ that God knows is for a person you truly and completely LOVE❤️ even before YOU were born GOD loved YOU and made you in the IMAGE of his WORD …both MALE & FEMALE ……

Is The Word Of God Amen 🙏

After 5 Days God Made MAN in his OWN image and they were his CHILDREN and they were to be the FIRST but sometimes in LIFE as in todays world …..IT is WANT that pervades the senses of takes over the LOVE❤️ for people and so as at the BEGINNING God gave US everything and ALL that we would NEED and it was so……

But WANT allows people to suffer at the hands of those that would exploit weakness and take what they can turn them into SLAVES at the hands of the RICH and GOD watches as people are heard like cattle and brought to be SHEARED like SHEEP …….

But if we pray NOT for OURSELVES and ask for FORGIVENESS we ALL will FIND GOD as he is in our ❤️ waiting for US to say I AM HERE LORD help ME to see the LIGHT of YOUR word …….and ONE DAY it will be so …this is the PROMISE of GOD to ALL his CHILDREN …..