Wisdom @storyville

Amen 💥🙏💥

Today’s story is the next chapter in our Life and what happened next…

With every word comes a step with every step comes another word that is the ‘ Book of Wisdom ‘ God writes next …..

In You in Me in You as it reverses itself from In Me in You In Me God writes the next ……

The word that brings ‘ Wisdom ‘ from the pages of the ‘ Book of Life ‘ begins with a journey, a path, some might say, and each comment will be added every day to make a sentence into a page, and many chapters will hold our gaze as the ‘ Magic Pen of God Writes ‘ next …..

This page will say neither You nor Me will judge another and their ‘ Book of Life ‘ you may see as we will meet people who are ‘ Poor Heart ‘ like You and Me was at the very start, then next …….

A daily life of two images made in the ‘ Image of God ‘ so long ago brought together in ‘ Love of God ‘ on that day and their ‘ Book of Life ‘ it begins on that day as next ……

l Must say as A&M created this way from all that God wanted to say to write in You and Me each day and next …….

l say to All in Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth who read this chapter today to read your ‘ Book of Life ‘ this way, thank God for your life and silently 🙏🙏 for God to enter your Heart & Lifelike A&M do every day ……..

Next theres more ……