Ace says …..Its Kindness & Love everyday


There were two images, a ‘ Male & female. ‘. Each one had a Gift for the other Kindness gave all their ‘ Kindest ‘ & Love gave all their ‘ Love; Kindest and I gave Back all the ‘ Love ‘ received, and Love gave Back all the ‘ Kindest ‘ received, and they were in the eyes of God a Perfect Team …...

Now both of them to reach this point in the ‘ Life God Planned ‘, had suffered and learned that, as with his namesake that suffering was being taught, and when God brought them together, they were the Perfect Team ……

As to them both, they were ‘ Kindness & Love, ‘ and God had over many a year given them answers to questions before they were asked as ‘ Each Step They Took Brought Them Closer & Closer on Earth each day as the Perfect Team ……..

Now out their l say this day there are other images that are and God knows will make a Perfect Team ……

So l say to All who read this any day, 🙏🙏 and ask for nothing and say God l am here to do thy will every day, and then as God had planned, it would be time to create another Perfect Team ……..