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A & M ❤️♥️

Do You Feel ‘ Special Today ‘ or Should l ask ‘ Do You Feel Special Any Day ‘ or ‘ Does Anyone Make You Feel Special ‘ well for many many years l felt nothing – l existed and was well Me that was how My story went at that time …….

Then l 🙏🙏‘ ed and asked to ‘ Be Loved For Me ‘ and it all changed and l changed well the ‘ Word of God ‘ is immutable & changeable and after God entered My Heart & Life l changed even more after God brought someone so Mushy & Kind it made My life complete on this journey of My Life …..

I was made to feel ‘ Special ‘ and that l mattered as much as another person l was not just someone here to do it all and feel nothing in return and as God taught Me and made Me feel special l was able to help and make another person feel ‘ Extra Special ‘ and that made Me Happy and that was something new in My Life – As time passed and l grew in Understanding this ‘ Immutable & Changeable ‘ word in Me grew and felt that Love ………

Making that 🙏🙏 so special and bringing into My Life someone ‘ Xtra Xtra Special ‘ You and together A&M were ‘ Twined Special Souls ‘ and that made me ‘ Smile & Happy ‘ and made that person Happy and when they were Happy l felt ‘ Xtra Special ‘ and that all came from God through Me ‘ God is Special ‘ as that ‘ Love of God ‘ is Xtra Special provided with Kindness & Love XX In Peace & Truth daily …..

So 🙏to be loved for who You are today and wait for God to make You feel Xtra Special …….