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God Needs you to Comprehend Miracles Happen πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

Hello people’s today its all about ‘ Caritas or Charity ‘ that for Me comes from the Heart not the Pocket and that is how My story goes …..

Many years ago before God named Me in Heaven ‘ Caritas ‘ was family and the people who lived in close proximity to each other would care and share love as in ‘ Love Thy Neighbour ‘ by helping out when it was in need this was how it began in My life …….

Before that time Jesus (Iesu) said Faith – Hope & Love – and the ‘ Greatest of All is Love ‘ people today say Faith – Hope & Charity – but it has become all about ‘ Money & Tax Relief ‘ no longer is ‘ Giving ‘ like it says as we approach ‘ Christmas with the word ‘ If You Have Not Got A Penny A Halfpenny Will Do If You Do Not Have A Halfpenny God Bless You ‘ this was ‘ Charity For Me ‘ and has been all My Life ……

When God entered My Heart & Life, l was put with a family he chose, and they would provide all l would Need (Like in Eden), and that l would learn would be My Life, and it was so …….

But as l have said before God Moves Mysteriously His Wonders to Perform and ‘ Teaching & Learning ‘ was both Good – Bad & Indifferent as l found parents love is totally different to how l feel today and that Understanding only comes with God after and in My case many many years after and it has been so ……

Now l started at 6yrs of age Understanding but did not know l was Learning and God was Teaching Me to Love My Neighbour but l was and did learn by first trying to teach My parents to love each other and not argue – l have to say it was a thankless task and did more harm than good and of course it harmed Me with their arguments and anger but that was still God teaching Me ……

As l grew and felt No Love, l πŸ™πŸ™ and God answered Me. Still, this l did not know until one-day l would think that God was teaching Me and then as l grew, l would one day begin Teaching You and as l was ‘ Poor In Heart,’ God knew that these were the people l would know that were just like Me and l would see how to Teach them as God taught Me and it is so …….

So, people l say in ‘ Charity This Day ‘ who read this post after Me, be it with Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth that has always guided My way, so all l can say is πŸ™πŸ™ …..For God to Guide Your Way …..


By ace101

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