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Dear God, I pray that I will be a helping hand to everyone around me. May I never distance myself from their problem; instead, I will help them through whatever they may face. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen. πŸ™πŸ™

Today l want to talk about ‘ Dreaming ‘ some people do and others never dream ‘ Some Day Dream ‘ and others ‘ Cat Nap ‘ for Me l have slumbers and very rarely dream unless God moves Me well that is how My story goes today ……..

Now taking the word ‘ Dream ‘ we use this is everyday life like My ‘ Dream Boat ‘ or You are ‘ Dreamy ‘ this refers to not ‘ Sleep ‘ but for how a simple word like ‘ Dream ‘ can be changed by Thou Shalt Not Steal was taking the ‘ Word of God ‘ and using it for their own ends since that ‘ Fateful Day ‘ so long ago when Jesus (Iesu) gave his ‘ Life to Save Us All ‘ and at the same time we forget then people broke the commandment ‘ Thou Shalt Not Kill ‘ and as Jesus (Iesu) said before that day ‘ Break One Commandment You Break Them All ‘ and this ‘ Immutable & Changeable Word of God ‘ was taken (Stolen) by Mankind and it has been so …….

Now l started with the word ‘ Dream ‘ but when we sleep l believe God works when we are no longer awake and when we rise for another day as the sun brings dawn and we are then in control again using the ‘ Word of God ‘ for their own use and not following the ‘ Path of God ‘ this was after many many years after God entered My Heart and Life l decided God knows best and l was wrong about so much before l πŸ™πŸ™ and asked God to pick Me up and ‘ l Gave My Life In My Heart ‘ to God absolutely and completely ………

So today l say – If You Dream that is in My life now the way God answers us and when we wake very often we do not Understand that to Dream and for Me – And l do not ask but on occasions God will provide that path that God lays before us all each and everyday and that for Me l say just πŸ™πŸ™ and then lay down and sleep and today l say You will know You are on the ‘ Path of God ‘ and then in Kindness & Love & In Peace & Truth l say …..


By ace101

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