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Lord my Almighty Creator, I thank you for granting Your blessings within me. Teach me to see these blessings in all others too, for I know we are all Your children, to be loved and cherished equally. Let me be humble Lord, to enter into Heaven on my knees, waiting for Your command and compassion. Amen.🙏🙏

God Knows Your Heart & Desire This For Me is How My Story on Earth Began For Me ……

Though as l learned it was simply ‘ Understanding ‘ of How some people understood this as it got changed in ‘ Translation ‘ and became not ‘ Desire ‘ but Desires and became Hearts not Heart ….what l was to learn was simple that God Knows Us In Our Heart & Life & Knows Us to Be Good – Bad Or Indifferent and that our Heart will Desire either ‘ Love Or Money ‘ for Me it was simple l ‘ Cared All My Life From 6yrs Of Age ‘ trying – even then to ‘ Teach My Mum & Dad ‘ not to argue and it did damage in Me in later Life ……….As l learned from a ‘ Simple Saying ‘ of ‘ Sticks & Stones Can Break My Bones But Words Can Never Hurt Me (you) – this became the complete opposite until God entered My Heart & Life…

Then God was able to ‘ Life Me Up ‘ at times as l walked and learned his teaching on the ‘ Path of Righteousness ‘ and continued daily as l learned and began teaching people who are ‘ Poor In Heart ‘ this l understood as ‘ l was One ‘ so after God healed me l was being ‘ Taught & Learned ‘ and as l learned l was able to ‘ Teach ‘ and as God read my Heart and knew that all that My Desire was ‘ Love of My People ‘ and this ‘ Grew In Me ‘ year after year as my understanding turned into ‘ Wisdom of the Word of God ‘ so today l can write this post and many more in days to come ……

So l say with Kindness & Love in Peace & Truth You are never too Young or Too Old to walk in the ‘ Light & Love of God ‘ so 🙏🙏’s today and everyday for those who are ‘ Poor In Heart ‘


By ace101

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