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If we cannot end now our differences, at least we can help make the world safe for diversity.πŸ™πŸ™

Yesterday’s post was about what l was and the path l was walking as an earthly child to a spiritual or ‘ Child of God ‘ today it is all about what happened after God entered into my Heart through the ‘ Word of God ‘ well this was how the story happened in…

This was and still is a ‘ Miracle In Its Making ‘ each day is not as before each day is so different that it does not even seem like the same week, month or year but that is and was earthly made in the ‘ Image of Man ‘ not as one word but as one word makes all possible with God …..

Some people may say – Impossible – Incredible – Others May Say – Miracle but they are ‘ Children in the Making Like Me ‘ this l say it began with just one ‘ Word ‘ – How – That took a whole day of everything in Me and that was for Me the Beginning of God Rebuilding Me – l call it to rebuild as all the bits of My life were there but they were in the wrong order – Let me explain ……

It’s like waking up from ‘ Slumbers ‘ it’s time – you just feel very ‘ Dopey ‘ and You wake very slowly taking time for the new word to ‘ Balance ‘ within Your mind it was like that for Me but gradually as a new ‘ Word ‘ was added and each day was spent learning and being taught in a brand new way – these balanced also and then l began to eventually after months and months that became years to begin – l say begin to Understand – ‘ God is the Word & The Word is God ‘ now that my people’s took a long time and will for anyone walking these ‘ Steps in the First Place ‘ until the path gets easier and you start walking the ‘ Path of God ‘ and that is ‘ When ‘ begins in You – No longer ‘ How’ but ‘ When’ as you have taken the next step of Righteousness …..

So today l say to all who come and read my word this is not an easy path you need great patience and most of all it’s only when you ‘ Know Without Knowing ‘ You have reached the next step and never ‘ Think ‘ You Know as Thinking is Mankind & Knowing is God who provides all we need in the ‘ Garden of Eden with Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth


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