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To God We Are All Children’s – Young Or Old – it How & What We do with Our Life that Determines How We Feel Loved Or Not That is How the Story goes …..

For Me it was the latter – Feeling Unloved as a Child – Not Knowing How That Would Feel that others talked about – My Mother Was Brought Up By Her Mother Never To Show Weakness – My Father was the same – Saying when l was bullied at school if they hit you hit them harder well he was a man who saw that pugilistic sport of boxing as an art – For Me its seemed wrong even though everyone around Me in the family tried to convince Me it was Right

Now l am No Longer a Son of my Earthly Mother & Father someone said after they died may they (RIP) 🙏🙏‘s and then after my Father on Earth had died a few years later (now 32yrs) God entered into My Heart making his ” Love in Me ‘ it took many years to Believe God would not abandon Me and eventually as l was Taught & Learned there was ‘ Love That Feeling of Warmth ‘ of Gentleness – No longer anger or pain and as l grew – Now in the ‘ Light of God ‘ l began to feel more like a ‘ Child of God ‘ no longer blind to Truth – No longer in the Dark – l learned l was a ‘ Caring & Sharing Soul ‘ and not afraid of My own shadow – In fact No Longer a Shadow of My Former Self – l was ‘ Loved ‘ this was a feeling that took Me by surprise and took many many days – Nay years to know l mattered l was important to someone – No longer a ‘ Whipping Boy ‘ for everyone to take their ‘ Pound of Flesh ‘ and so began my Teaching to people like Me who were ‘ Poor In Heart ‘ and l saw the Plan of My Life being Laid Before Me and its was Good …

Now l can say ‘ God Loves Me ‘ and l feel that Kindness & Love Given In Peace & Truth every day of My Life and it all Began with a 🙏🙏 for Someone to Love Me for Who l Am


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