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God Made Man In His Own Image Male & Female – In His Image He Made Them All – Now that is how the story goes ๐Ÿ’ฅ

For Me its is part one and part of another – Let Me explain My Belief and Please Readers This is My Belief And What God Taught Me To Understand – So let us take the first part makes sense to me completely Now as there is No Question so it Must be God – Simply two sides of a coin – two souls that match perfectly or two hearts that beat as one that is how l can ‘ See & Feel ‘ that in Me ๐Ÿ’ฅ

Now let us look at that Second part to Me this is still coming and is still to happen on Earth as it is written in Heaven – Simply not two sides of every coin – Not two perfect souls Or Two Hearts that Beat as One – but ALL of Man made in the image of God that maybe God willing and with everything they do for other people will be brought to God and then to either the – Male Or Female and Perfect Match – So let us look deeper at my belief

l Believe God names us before we are born now that statement is only understood l have found by those that have walked in both ‘ Darkness & Light ‘ they Know suffering and have suffered as without it they cannot truly understand thus God come not come into their Heart when they most need him to bring his Kindness & Love and to match those – Two sides of the coin perfectly as two perfect souls understandings each other completely

These are l believe the first part of that in the Bible – God Made Man In His Own Image Male & Female those two male and female parts or understanding are as it says – In God in His Image – brought together at the Beginning & End having travelled the path to Righteousness for his name sake Jesus (Iesu) and knowing Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth forever and ever …


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