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l am a ‘ Follower of God ‘ Or ‘ l Follow God ‘ and many other variants in ‘ Difference ‘ ways people talk about ‘ Love of God Or Word of God ‘ and how it makes them ‘ Believe & Feel ‘ and people l have met many many say ‘ l Knew It Was God Or l Could Feel God In Me ‘ and that is how the story goes – Thou l say unto those who say the word ‘ Feel ‘ are the first to ‘ Give Thanks to God ‘ in their heart but the others they just accept it and move on – So let us today look at the ‘ Difference ‘ that takes place in their life πŸ’₯

For Me l thanked God for everything l received in my Life and ‘ Gave Thanks As l Felt Lucky ‘ that God came into my Heart and showed Me the way to ‘ Learn & Teach ‘ and so how ‘ mega Or MEGA ‘ those things were l attributed every change in Me to God

Now as l ‘ Walked the Path ‘ that God provided ‘ Stepping Stone By Stepping Stone ‘ l met many people some for just an hour, some for a day and others for longer but many many asked Me – ‘ Why Does God Make My Life So Difficult Or Keep Going Wrong l πŸ™And πŸ™but it makes No Difference

My first question was – What Do You πŸ™ for and many said other people – l asked are these people you like or dislike there answer was – Like of Course – Why Should l πŸ™ for those l Dislike and My answer was it Not God who said through Jesus (Iesu) ‘ Forgive Them Lord They Know Not What They Do ‘ does this not say they cannot help themselves and that by πŸ™ we are taken into the ‘ Fathers Care ‘ to be provided the way in our Heart – Some saw others many did not as there heart’s were closed πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

So l say unto you All this day and everyday of Your Life – ‘ Pray for the Sinners ‘ wether you ‘ Like Them Or Not ‘ as Forgiveness is granted daily in the ‘ Lords Prayer ‘ by the word in saying ‘ Forgive Us Our Trespasses As WE Forgive Those that Trespass Against Us ‘

REMEMBER: Everyone Makes Mistakes No Body Is Perfect But God – So Only By Prayer & Sacrifice We Come As Children Of God


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