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For Me this is all powerful and encompassing and just that feeling of God putting Love into My Heart was something that even for Me is difficult to put into any words - But then in the Beginning God said ' Let There Be Light ' and that is truly amazing in Me and of course this was what l had forgot after Adam said in that church so long ago ' God Wants Your Mind & Your Voice - But First He Must Put Love Into Your Heart ' and now l realise that Giving had always been easy for Me but Receiving now that is a different story 
Amen 🙏
So let me tell you this - Just when You believe you Know you do not Know and whenever l thought that is truly a Miracle and there could not be more - there was and that is God - So let Me just say this was the first Miracle when l truly believed in God 
It did not happen with anything like people say happened to them in their life, there was no bright lights or thunder or lighting it was just Peace - l was talking some call 🙏🙏 to God and suddenly l knew it was God and l knew it was the Truth l felt in my Heart - Now this had never ever happened to Me before all l remembered was reading a book so long ago by Descartes a French Philosopher and one passage in it came back and this was it .............If there is No Question it Must Be God ...
Well when this happened in Me - there was no question in fact l could only say this - l said that is Truth and God entered my Heart and for the first time l could feel his Love and l had no question so l knew that it must be God and that feeling was of Kindness & Love and it was truly given in Peace & Truth l knew and from the second it was God being built in Me 



By ace101

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