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God needs you to understand 🙏

Amen 🙏

When is a miss Truth a miss Truth – l ask that not for Me but for all those that use other ways to explain not telling the truth – My life was very much like that as firstly l had a Mother who could not tell the Truth and so l grew up Knowing the damage caused by miss truths and so l Cannot speak miss Truth is not in Me – Because l do not want to hurt anyone with what some call a mistrust a twist of the truth or and this one l heard so many times – Its Only A Little Miss truths.

Amen 🙏

Now l ask You reading this today who does the miss Truth hurt is it someone else or yourself and the Answer: Is Both You Hurt Someone Else and Two You Prevent God in You Being Able to Get In And Help You – Too become a better person or learn about the ‘ Truth of God ‘ to be taught about ‘ The Word of God ‘ the Truth that exists in everyone allowing everyone to ‘ Speak The Truth & Shame The Devil ‘ or to miss Truth and walk their own path

For Me today it is easier to Understand but many many years ago l was just starting to walk the ‘ Righteous Path ‘ l was like Adam in ‘ The Garden of Eden ‘ blind to the Truth and so had and have without Knowing made a decision built on a miss truth – Now all My Decisions are built on the ‘ Truth ‘ but it took a lot of pain and time to Know this had taken place as that ‘ Love in My Heart ‘ was the l forgot or due to all those miss truths did not deserve and this would take more time to understand – But with God and his Guidance l knew l would one day as l had the Faith & Belief burned in my soul

Amen 🙏

So many many years passed ‘ Before His Love Came to Be Felt in Me ‘ much l learned and much l now understand but l say unto you this day REMEMBER: It was a mis truth that caused Adam to fall from Grace and it was ignoring God and the Truth that created that fall – God did not make mankind fail but knew that it would happen as l say with Kindness & Love in Peace & Truth its ……

‘ The Truth That Will Set You Free From All Harm Will Only Bind You To The Righteous Word of God ‘


Amen 🙏

By ace101

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