Will of God @storyville

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It began - In the Garden of Eden - Follow God and his Word Or Follow the Snake in the Grass and Adam followed the wrong Shepherd and Fell from Grace well that is how the story went so long ago - Or was it ? 
For Me its the same every day - Very seldom do l now ask God to help Me as l am able to understand that God in My Heart helps Me everyday and that my people's took many many years to be able to say as it is ' Step By Step & Word By Word ' to realise as l believe ' Eternal Life ' is living in ' The Garden of Eden ' and was where all things are possible but due to following the wrong shepherd and until Jesus (Iesu) comes again at a designated time - Everyone waits - But l say unto you is it Not time too look at our everyday Life - As the ' Will of God ' is not just today but everyday for Me and those who stop ' Wanting & Need ' as Psalm 21 says ' The Lord is My Shepherd ' not any other and l (You) Shall Not Want - So God will provide - So Follow the ' Good Shepherd ' it maybe difficult and sometimes not easy but one day you will realise this ' Truly is the Will of God ' and not your own decision 
Oh l hear you say l make my own mind up l am or l do what l want when l want the way l want  and that is not Me - But for Me l now know every day that whatever l do or do not do is the ' Will of God ' and that is the ' Path of God ' and ' Path of Righteousness' in Kindness & Love with Peace & Truth