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God Moves in Mysterious Ways is how the story goes but what about his wonders to perform well my post the other day spoke of God Moving in a Mysterious Way so today l talk about Wonders that some will call Miracles while others call coincidence but l say unto you when does coincidence become no longer coincidence and becomes a Miracle

Well for me l did not count how many times in my Heart God moved and provided the Way to eat of the ‘ Tree of Life ‘ and made all ‘ Good Things to Eat ‘ – Oh no l an not just talking about food in this case but about abilities, skills and of course above all else Knowledge – l used to call Know – Ledge as in my dream as a child l would see myself falling off the ledge of my life and always being carried away before hitting the bottom of the fall from grace – Well that was how the story was written

No ledge was to not Know and that was to grow daily in the Knowing of God and to eventual gain Knowledge so l could fall not off that ledge and then l was safe in the Knowledge of God – This was my time of Wisdom of the ‘ Word of God ‘ l was not a particular age or even belief that was still building in Me at that time l was just me but l Knew as l did that God had performed his wonders in me and l had gone from ‘ God Moving in Mysterious Ways ‘ to his Wonders as this Wisdom was not of Me but Through Me so l Knew as with all Knowledge that this was God and this was Mysterious and was truly wonderful in Me l had started to become part of that plan of God – No l was experiencing that Plan of God l was on the Right Path and God was Guiding Every Word in Me – No longer coincidence but Miracles for Me

So this ' Wisdom ' grew in Me became Me and when like today l write at the second l write God writes in my Heart and l write here with Kindness & Love in Peace & Truth of the his ' Wonders to Perform ' for anyone willing to come to God and just ask for the door to be open in their Heart 


Amen ๐Ÿ™

By ace101

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