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Well finally the Wealth of Knowledge in Mind, Body, Heart & Soul was mended and God Knows Best was all that was in my Heart and l felt like l had been made a new 
Now it was time to ' Spread the Word ' to people who were ' Poor in Heart ' l realise God had a plan and as l said earlier God knows best and through ' Healing My Soul ' l was being taught how to ' Heal Other People ' and that Knowledge in Me was changing from ' Inner Healing ' to Wisdom of Understanding of the ' Word of God ' in My Heart 

I was taken from place to place to learn all there was l needed but l never knew l had already been given the Knowledge during the ‘ Healing of My Broken Soul ‘ which was now Mended and l had learned while God was Healing Me – So l began helping people in ‘ Need of Help & Guidance who were Poor in Heart ‘ just like Me

It was early days and l was only just a pupil of a greater teacher than l could ever imagine and God was providing answers to questions before anyone asked Me - l had the answers to any question every to be asked so never would l fall off the ' Path of Righteousness ' that l was now on and so l only could answer questions to people ' God Had Named Before l They Were Born ' and this mean't l would never ever help people that God had not wanted me to help - So l knew l was safe and protected from harm and this was the first time and would take a while to believe in all l was learning 

This was ‘ Wisdom of My Soul ‘ growing everyday as l provided ‘ Help & Guidance ‘ to people and knowing l was on the ‘ Path of Righteousness ‘ and that l could no longer be made to ‘ Fall From Grace Evermore ‘ and the people l would and had met were ‘ Chosen By God ‘ and through Kindness & Love in Peace & Truth this was the ‘ Plan of God ‘ being acted out in Me.


By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

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