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Amen ๐Ÿ™

Well that’s how the story goes in the ‘ Garden of Eden of Kindness & Love ‘ that God put Adam & Mate to be cared for by ‘ Providing All Trees That Are Good to Eat ‘ but telling Adam not to ‘ Eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil ‘ in the MIDST of the Garden because upon that day your soul will become corrupted and ‘ Fall From Grace ‘ and it was so as the story goes

Now ‘ God Moves In Mysterious Ways ‘ and knew that to bring about the ‘ End of Days ‘ and the ‘ Second Coming of Jesus (Iesu) ‘ it would have to take place all that was now going to happen in ‘ Heaven As On Earth ‘ to bring about eventually ‘ Heaven on Earth ‘ to all people to be lifted up into the ‘ Garden of Eden ‘ and have ‘ Eternal Life ‘ evermore but before that day ‘ All Things Must Pass Before l Come Jesus (Iesu) Said ‘ and this is now taking place l believe and this is truly ‘ The End of days ‘ and all is becoming the ‘ Reverse of Itself ‘ with ‘ God Moving Within Adam ‘ carrying out his plan that began with Adam disobeying God and being unable to stay in the ‘ Garden of Eden ‘ as both Adam and Mate were like ‘ Gods Knowing Good & Evil ‘ and until that day and the ‘ Word Becomes Incarnate ‘ would man and woman suffer and work by the ‘ Sweat of their Brow & Pain in Child Birth ‘ and enmity would be in place

Now as we travel through ‘ End of Days ‘ and all things are ‘ Passing ‘ changes are making everything as it was to become the ‘ Reverse of Itself ‘ as ‘ God Prepares The Way ‘ for ‘ Children of God ‘ to enter into the ‘ Garden of Eden ‘ and God will provide Kindness & Love in Peace & Truth in our Heart forevermore


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