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Every day in every way l am getting better and better – great saying taught to me as a child by parents who did not ‘ Do What They Preached ‘ of course not l was waiting for God – Did l know of course not l just knew there was something – Even my Dad a real old cynic would say ‘ There’s More To Us Than You Know ‘ l mean these well-worn phrases are given to many children but truthfully – Search Your Heart This Day – Do We Truly Understand God & Love of God of course, not l hear many of you say – But a Few Like Me Like You – they do ‘ Here’s One of Mine ‘ – Do Not Do Unto Others As You Would Not Want to be Done Unto You

Amen 🙏

Let’s explore how that title can truly be understood in the context of that saying above – Well Do Not it asking you not too like God asked us by ‘ Thou Shalt Not ‘ l mean some see that as a ‘ Question ‘ l see it as both as it also says ‘ If You Do ‘ and l say there will be and are consequences to you – So let’s say ‘ Steal ‘ and someone loses something but when one day that something you value disappears there first words are ‘ It was stolen ‘ blame begins and can turn to anger and violence and worst consequences can ensue

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In the News, we see daily and l publish here many many posts of just that situation starts by taking what does not belong to anyone else and in many cases ends up with breaking another commandment of ‘ Thou Shalt Not ‘ kill and this brings more pain and misery into people’s lives – Break one you break all Jesus (Iesu) said and this is so true

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Ok break that chain that binds You – Mine was broken l prayed oh not not for myself thats easy – for God to let me help other people – thats right Me – My answer took many many years as l learned and was taught first you need to understand the people – Good, Bad & Indifferent – thought l knew – Honesty is the Best Policy – but teaching ‘ Honesty ‘ is more difficult – Now l Am No Preacher Or Holier Than Thou Person – l believed that it is the best policy and people came to now who thought they knew me as God wanted and asked like this – ‘ You Believe in God ‘ l answered Yes so it says ‘ Thou Shalt Not Steal ‘ l answered Yes – So if l still a little is it wrong – My answer was – well what do you believe – well it seems wrong but other people do it – Yes – Now its said God moves in Mysterious Ways Wonders to Perform – So it was not for me to be ‘ Judge & Jury ‘ that was for God to decide and l had already been made aware of this person and stealing by them – so God had given me answer and l could have so easily been able to judge – But God wanted me to learn that even though you know something that it is not for you decide to use it against one another – Listen Learn & Inwardly Digest and leave the rest to God

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So l say unto this day News & Commandments are the same they make one or you break one by false or misleading people and those people then mislead others and they all fall off the ‘ Path of Righteousness ‘ and some time into ‘ Thorns of Iniquity ‘ and cannot be rescued from their own ‘ self-image ‘ we saw that when Moses came down with two tablets of stone and broke them into pieces as they were ‘ Whoring & Praising The Gold Idol ‘ saying you are not ‘ Worthy to Receive the Word of God ‘ now some would say thats just a story – well is not news every day a ‘ Story ‘ about people on some sort of journey many not knowing where it will end or many not where it started – l speak from experience so it began for me before l was born and will end when God decides that is my final word on this today except to say ‘ Choose Your Path Wisely ‘ as God is waiting to welcome you into that ‘ Garden of Eden ‘ with Kindness & Love in Peace & Truth forevermore


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