Good Day ~ Holy Day 💥


 It was not a ' Special Day ' but l arrived and a man called Adam was taking the service never knew or met him before but he was taking a ' Spiritual Service ' never been to one before did not even know anything about church services - after leaving Sunday School many years before and only - Remembering this word: 
' Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone But Every Word That Came From God ' 
I read it and left it to me, they were what l ' Truly Wanted to Believe ' so much l went home and 🙏  for someone to ' Love Me For Who l Am ' and until this day in church nothing else 
Nonetheless, the service began, and then it was ' Affirmation Time ', and people walked down to take ' Bread & Wine ' as Jesus (Iesu) did at that ' Last Supper ' breaking bread (body) and wine (blood) shed for us and for some reason l got up and walked to take it as well 
I knelt down - and Adam put his hand on my head and said these words ' God Wants Your Mind & Your Voice - But First He Must Put Love Into Your Heart - well l just said they are his and followed up with they have been no use to me - Adam looked and blessed me and l took bread and wine and got up and walked away 
Now many years l was at ' Rock Bottom ' in my life and nothing went right and like sand slipped through my fingers like ' Like Time in an Hour Glass ' and then something happened again - now remember l was 14 and now l was 36 and God came to me just like a light in me - No of course, not that took the time it took me many more years and eventually l was to feel when l woke up from sleep that today will be a ' Good Day ' and the reason for my story is simple it takes time for ' God to Enter Your Heart ' as many things need to be put in place and if l told you that ' I Remembered Giving My Mind & Voice ' but forgot completely - But first He Must Put Love Into My Heart well that l realize now was ' Why ' it took so long as ' I Had to Let God Into My Heart ' and that was the hardest part 
I say unto - When you are ' Hurt So Much ' you learn to go inward and protect your heart from more hurt and its only years later you realize that ' God of Love Was Already There Waiting For You ' and in the meantime protecting you from hurt - You see he came into my heart at age 14 as all l had to do was 🙏🙏 to be loved as l Am and then its a ' Good Day Everyday of Your Life ' 

By ace101

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