‘God Is Love & Love Is The Word’

Amen 🕊️💥🕊️

Many years ago l like so many people l went to church in fact l went too many churches to try to understand GOD well having read the bible and tried to understand it l needed ‘ Help & Guidance’ 💥

Now not being a religious person l just sat and heard words and really could only understand a few and in each church l found the same nothing gave me UNDERSTANDING of God. 💥

Each time l went home and sat quietly and silently and 🙏 well l thought praying on my own would help me, then l stopped and waited for something to happen, it did not. 💥

Was l doing something wrong or maybe l was not worthy for GOD to answer, l went out walking to clear my head, and met a man coming towards me struggling to carry a heavy load, l ask if l could help and he said yes and handed me the big parcel saying its gift for my mother and she has no food so l am taking some like always. 💥

Well it was a few miles and we eventually arrived and he went in as she was unable to walk easily and he introduced me the stranger to her and said thank you he was tired out and said l will cook when l have rested, that was alright l will cook a meal, will you stay they both asked so l stayed and broke bread and just beforehand the mother and her son gave thanks to GOD for what we were going to eat. 💥

Sometime later l left and returned home not tired but feeling something in my ❤️ that was new and this time l 🙏 and instead of hearing l really listened and l felt lifted and l knew at that second it was GOD he had answered me, the only way GOD can and that’s when we let him into our ❤️ by providing Love & Kindness to a stranger. 💥

I now KNOW that GOD is the WORD and GOD IS LOVE in our ❤️ when we Love OUR Neighbour and follow that path, we will always UNDERSTAND God💥💥



By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen