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Today’s story is about understanding God and how we experience many ups and downs in life before we are led onto the path of God by His will in each of us. This is similar to the journey of A&M.


Now many people might say as we have heard them say that God is punishing me for something we have done wrong but we would say that is β€˜ God Teaching Us Right From Wrong β€˜ as the β€˜ Path of Righteousness β€˜ is not for our sake but for the β€˜ Sacrifice of the Son β€˜ that gave Us life by the β€˜ Word of God β€˜ in You & Me just like in A&M …….


We are β€˜ Blind But Do Not See β€˜ as God will reverse that β€˜ Wrong For Right β€˜ and eventually we have β€˜ No Question So Truth Abounds β€˜ and then we β€˜ Know with Knowing Why β€˜ that is must be God in You & Me just like in A&M ……

No longer β€˜ Living From Day to Day β€˜ but a Life that God will provide as we walk β€˜ Step By Step & Word By Word with that person chosen every Morning & Evening of each day in You & Me just like in A&M ……

No longer do we not Understand the β€˜ Light Comes Into Our Life β€˜ with a Smile & Happiness and we are lifted up onto the β€˜ Path & Will of God β€˜ in You and me just like in A&M ……


Now it’s time to give thanks to God in humility for the life that He has granted us. We are the children of light, just like in A&M. Let us silently pray and express our gratitude to God.πŸ™πŸ‘‘πŸ™

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