My Life First Step of Righteousness ~

Amen 🌟

Life can be some UPS and some DOWN’s but if you do not UNDERSTAND the UPs then you will never UNDERSTAND the DOWN’s and YOU NEED both to be able for God to teach RIGHT from WRONG

Living with BOTH is part of LIVING and UNDERSTANDING is not possible without ……TEACHING from GOD cannot be FULLY understood by ANYONE as GOD wants US to ONE DAY show others the WAY we learned RIGHT from WRONG and lead by EXAMPLE

Anyway WHOSE life is it anyway OR l can do what l WANT its my LIFE once YOU have travelled the PATH of GOD for many a year then and ONLY then can GOD show you the RIGHT way onto the path of RIGHTEOUSNESS

Your LIFE can be YOURS without any REAL REWARD or YOU can FOLLOW God and LEARN

KINDNESS & LOVE❤️ not for yourself but for OTHER PEOPLE and realise that ONLY by GIVING of YOIUR ❤️ can you truly find GOD as its NOT you WHO finds GOD its GOD who finds YOU

So start today when you WAKE UP and make YOUR first thought about SOMEONE else, not YOURSELF and that’s the FIRST STEP on the path towards RIGHTEOUSNESS


By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen