Ace says ……Seed Of Change News



Sometimes we are too busy to notice that simple ‘ Snippet of News ‘ that can be a statement of fact or a little sprinkling of a ‘ Seed Change ‘ that we imagine in You & Me just like in A&M ……

Knowledge seekers are very few they read what they ‘ Want ‘ and sometimes do not Believe (Key) they Need (Eden) as they wander daily across the tabloids looking at what may make them sell and make money by the articles that they write and read daily but those that are seekers will seek and find that ‘ Little Nugget of News ‘ that has been place there by God in You & Me just like in A&M ……


Then that ‘ Seed of Change ‘ is planted its ‘ Good Seed On The Land of Human Thought ‘ that will be ‘ Watered By The Hand of God ‘ to bring it into being and that ‘ Change ‘ will make a ‘ Difference in This World ‘ one day then ‘ Spread the Word of God ‘ into each others ‘ Heart & Life ‘ in You & Me just like in A&M ……


Now that ‘ Seed of Change ‘ will make that Knowledge of Understanding of God Grow until God is ready to pick the ‘ Ears You Know ‘ just as you reach the Ledge of Knowledge to be born into the World a Change takes place in You & Me just like in A&M …..


So do not just ‘ Look But Seek like Us and Seek & You Will Find ‘ what God has hidden ‘ Mysteriously ‘ as you walk each day upon the ‘ Path of God of Knowing Without Knowing Why ‘ as without ‘ Question ‘ God has planted that ‘ Word of God ‘ in You & Me just like in A&M ……


So we say to you All in Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth when you silently 🙏🙏’s give thanks for the ‘ Word of God ‘ every day in You and me just like in A&M ……