Wisdom @storyville

Lock & Key 🔐🔐


Today’s story is all about ‘ Kindness & Wisdom ‘ as we do not Believe (Key) that one can be without the other that came with Faith (Lock) and then to Believe (Key) in You & Me just like in A&M ……


Wisdom is for Us Understanding God now that does not mean we just read and try to Understand ourselves but it brings Kindness of the Mind, Body, Heart & Soul that happens walking the ‘ Path of God ‘ in You & Me just like in A&M ……..


Wisdom comes from the ‘ Word of God ‘ when we have learned and been taught ‘ Right From Wrong ‘ as we walked across the world we learned many things that were Mysterious until one day God lifted Us up in You & Me just like in A&M …….


Wisdom comes from the ‘ Love of God ‘ providing Kindness of the ‘ Word of God ‘ that came a long time ago after Adam named the animals and God created a mate in You & Me just like in A&M ……

🙏 🙏 🙏

God brings a ‘ Smile & Happiness ‘ but Understanding can take many a year of walking closer and then one day we understood step by step and word by word from dawn to dusk the images of Male & Female learned and God taught the ‘ Wisdom of The Word ‘ in You & Me just like in A&M …….


So we say to you All in Kindness & Love In Peace & Truth when you lay down to sleep and slumber just thank God for that ‘ Word of Mysterious Love ‘ that is provided every day as our daily bread and more we say that provides in You & Me just like in A&M …….