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But speaking the truth in love may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ: ⚜️🙌⚜️

This portion of scripture describes believers maturing and growing up in Christ. It talks about believers being like infants in maturity but then giving instructions on how to grow up in Christ. One of those things is speaking the truth in love. It is hard to speak the truth in love. We don’t want to hurt disappointed people, so we are afraid to say something. Other times, we fear their anger. At times, we speak the truth out of selfishness, not out of love. When we see something in another believers life’s we can speak truth to them. We should not do it in anger, though. We should do it because of the love we have for God and him or her.⚜️🙌⚜️

God in Heaven, give me patience for others. Help me to love others. Help me to love them and forgive them as you have loved and forgiven me. Give me wisdom in how to speak truths when others are going astray. Give me the words to speak by leading me by the Holy Spirit. Restrain me when I am tempted to speak the truth for my own selfish gain. Thank You for Your love. In Jesus’ name. Amen. ⚜️🙌⚜️


By Peace Truth

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